Two Freestyle Dressage Videos

Apr 042012

When my mom was visiting, we watched these two awesome freestyle dressage videos from the World Dressage Masters in 2012:

Steffen Peters and Ravel, First Place:

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, Second Place:

If you’ve never trained horses, you can’t really appreciate just how difficult those movements are to perform well, as well as the years of grueling training required of both horse and rider to teach them. Still, I hope that you can enjoy two such spectacular performances!

Dog Desperately Seeking Ball

Mar 292012

This video of a dog desperately attempting retrieve its ball from the side of the pool is pure awesome.

Doggie Mae has a similar obsession with her Red Ball. A few times per week, Mae will insist on being let inside, then rush downstairs to wherever she left Red Ball hours before, and then excitedly return to us, so happy to be reunited with her best friend!

If only people were so enthused about their values!

Sheep Cyclone

Feb 272012

Oh my, it’s a sheep cyclone:

Sheep aren’t known for their great intelligence, but just following the tail of the sheep in front of you around and around seems to require something special in the stupidity department!

The Snowboarding Crow

Feb 222012

This video is just plain amazing. The crow is using something like the lid of a jar to snowboard down a steep snowy roof:

(Via Paul B. on Facebook)

Doggie Mae Plus Kong = Cute Overload

Jan 262012

When Paul and I travel, our dogs stay at Mile High Mutts, a fabulous doggie day care and boarding facility in Denver. They don’t miss us one bit!

Yesterday, they sent me this picture of Mae, so happy with a Kong:

As I write this, Mae is just outside… but I miss her!

When a Smart Husky Likes Ice…

Jan 162012

… he acquires it for himself from the fridge:

(Via Wimp.)

Snow Doggies

Dec 232011

We got a foot of snow yesterday… and the doggies had extra extra extra fun wrestling in the snow.

Porcupine Language

Dec 132011

This porcupine is not only ridiculously cute in his insistence that the corn cob should not be eaten by anyone but him… but who knew that these creatures made such awesome noises? They must be the inspiration for some alien languages.

Turkey Attack!

Dec 062011

As a kid, we had two turkeys that were quite territorial, often chasing some poor frantic neighbor kid down the driveway at top speed. (Yes, that was funny!) At least those kids were in genuine danger, but this reporter has no such excuse:

Winter Dogs Will Wrestle

Dec 052011

We’ve had a lot lot lot of snow and cold over the past few days here, and snow is always a great opportunity for pictures and video of my wild and crazy doggies. First, the pictures:

And now the video of wrestling doggies:

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