Clearly, we paleo women need to stop lifting heavy weights and start this 1940′s workout routine! (Really, it’s hysterical!)

On the plus side — definitely no pun intended — these women look so much healthier than today’s stick-figure models!

For more on women and weight, I’d recommend reading Why Women Need Fat by Melissa McEwen and I’m OK, You’re Fat by Crystal Meadows.

Vermin Supreme for President!

Jan 122012

Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme is offering free ponies and zombie-powered turbines. I’m voting for him for president!

Turkey Attack!

Dec 062011

As a kid, we had two turkeys that were quite territorial, often chasing some poor frantic neighbor kid down the driveway at top speed. (Yes, that was funny!) At least those kids were in genuine danger, but this reporter has no such excuse:

Naked Man Bales Himself

 Funny, WTF
Nov 302011

This video of a man putting himself through a hay baler… what can I possibly say?!?

Charlie Sheen: Crazy Man

 Funny, WTF
Mar 032011

I’ve seen some of Charlie Sheen’s comments on Facebook over the past few days, but I didn’t watch any of his interviews… until now. The crazy in this recent interview is just so awesome that I cannot possibly describe it adequately.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed it, but if you want to marvel at someone who has gone completely off the deep end go watch it!

Here are three of my favorite bits:

  • On his erratic behavior: “[My brain] fires in a way that is, I don’t know, maybe not from this particular terrestrial realm.”
  • On why he’s not worried about a relapse, even though he doesn’t regret any of his drug use: “I blinked and I cured my brain.”
  • On why he doesn’t worry about dying from doing so many drugs: “Dying is for fools.”

It’s sheer crazy awesome.

Update: Oh, here’s an embed-friendly version:

Oh, and I love that he regards the various high-profile celebrities reaching out to him as “WINNING!”

Ayn Rand Didn’t Really Believe in Good and Evil?!?

Jul 302010

Sweet Jesus. Govindini Murty (GM) of Libertas Film Magazine interviews the director of the new Atlas Shrugged movie, Paul Johansson (PJ):

GM: To return to the themes of the novel. Do you think the characters are beyond good and evil, beyond morality in a Nietzschean sense?

PJ: I really believe that. I really believe that.

GM: That they’re these Promethean, Titanic figures who are above such things?

PJ: I really believe that. Rand uses a lot of things like good and evil in her text but I don’t think she really believed those ideas. It’s like what Oscar Wilde said … I don’t know the exact quote – he said that a book can either be poorly written or well written, but it can’t be evil.

GM: But the novel has that Nietzschean overtone to it.

PJ: Absolutely.

Ayn Rand didn’t write about good and evil for mere decoration. As she said in the postscript to Atlas Shrugged: “And I mean it.” Seriously, go read her essay “The Objectivist Ethics” if you’re unsure about her ethics. Don’t attempt to make a movie on the assumption that she was just kidding.

Addendum: A friend of mine said:

Watch the video version. He is just eager to please and won’t disagree with any of the leading questions the interviewer feeds him. My impression is that he has no ideas at all and is desperate to sound like he does. This is what you would expect from someone with no directing experience, desperate to sound like he has some. One way or the other this movie is going to be particularly bad.

I’ve not watched the video, as I’ve had more important work on my plate, but that sounds plausible to me.

(Via John Day.)

Those Difficult Chinese Names

 Funny, WTF
Apr 242009

Texas State Representative Betty Brown created a furor when she made the following remarks about Chinese last names during testimony on proposed voter ID legislation:

Lawmaker defends comment on Asians

…Brown suggested that Asian-Americans should find a way to make their names more accessible.

“Rather than everyone here having to learn Chinese — I understand it’s a rather difficult language — do you think that it would behoove you and your citizens to adopt a name that we could deal with more readily here?” Brown said.

She made her remarks to Ramey Ko, a representative of the Organization of Chinese Americans.

I’m sorry to hear that Ms. Brown has troubles with difficult Chinese last names like “Ko”…

(Via Cynical-C.)

Where’s the Airsickness Bag?

Jan 292009

Really, I was ready to let it go and move on. But then this floated by in one of those endlessly-forwarded emails that friends and family pass around. What’s so revolting is the utter inversion of justice it represents in the mainstream treatment of the accident.

God is routinely given credit and thanked for saving those people; but notice that He’s not similarly given “credit” for needlessly killing those geese, destroying that plane, endangering and distressing the people involved, and soaking up lots of resources to deal with it all. Nor is He reflexively given such “credit” for all the deaths that aren’t averted in other plane mishaps.

Such psychoses aside, the real problem I have with this is that it dilutes and distracts from the recognition genuinely earned by the heroes involved!

  • The pilot trained long and hard to be able to fly planes of various kinds, and to identify and execute just such a lifesaving maneuver. Then, in the moment it was needed and under tremendous stresses, he kept his head and did an absolutely brilliant job.

  • The crew trained as well in managing such a process — and when their moment came they likewise kept their heads and executed brilliantly.
  • Engineers labored long and hard to design a plane that didn’t just fly, but which would have ever better chances in all sorts of rare and strange circumstances, working to reduce the odds and impact of the unexpected. The result is a craft that could withstand this sort of water landing and float long enough to get those people out.
  • People on the ground sprang into action to scoop up the passengers and contain the danger.
  • And on and on. How about the experts who will analyze what happened and use it to make people a little safer in the future?

These folks deserve all of the credit and admiration and thanks, and it’s an absolute injustice that the mainstream reaction would take even the tiniest sliver of their due and pretend it was earned by someone or something else.

Hot Damn!

Jan 222009

[Originally posted to Politics without God.]

Eugene Volokh reports that South Carolina state senator Robert Ford — a Democrat — proposes a bill against “dirty” language, including the following provisions:

It is unlawful for a person in a public forum or place of public accommodation wilfully and knowingly to publish orally or in writing, exhibit, or otherwise make available material containing words, language, or actions of a profane, vulgar, lewd, lascivious, or indecent nature.


It is unlawful for a person to disseminate profanity to a minor if he wilfully and knowingly publishes orally or in writing, exhibits, or otherwise makes available material containing words, language, or actions of profane, vulgar, lewd, lascivious, or indecent nature.

Violating either provision would be a felony — with the potential for five years in prison: “a person who violates [either provision] is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than five thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”

Ah well, at least the Bible would be banned along with Atlas Shrugged — and almost everything else, including swearing within earshot of your 17-year-old kid.

The bill is currently in committee. While I’m sure it won’t go anywhere, the fact that such legislation could even be proposed in 21st century America is mind-boggling.

How Not to Pull Your Car Out of the Snow

 Funny, WTF
Jan 132009

Via Robb, how not to pull your car out of the snow:

And, via The Volokh Conspiracy, how not to protest a traffic ticket:

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