Happy 10th Anniversary, NoodleFood!

Mar 042012

Wow… today is the 10th anniversary of NoodleFood! 5524 posts is a heck of a lot, if I do say so myself. It’s remarkable how much my life has changed in that time period, and how much has remained the same too.

Sometime this upcoming week, NoodleFood will be moving to WordPress on Philosophy in Action. I’ll post an announcement when that happens, and all posts and comments will be automagically redirected.

I’m excited to consolidate NoodleFood with Philosophy in Action, as that’s the first step in my planned expansion of Philosophy in Action. I’m also excited about all the features available in WordPress. To port over the archives and design the template has been a huge task, and I still have a bit more to do. I hope that you’ll be as pleased with the results as I am!

The Comments

Feb 072012

For many moons now, I’ve neglected the NoodleFood comments. However, I’ve seen the error of my ways! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to remedy that, simply by replying more often. I plan to continue doing the same.

You can…

Notably, if you register with Disqus and post with that account, you can edit your comments — and thereby fix any formatting problems, typos, or other minor errors.

My Comment Policy: Judge, and Prepare to Be Judged

Jun 292010

Due to the debate about the NYC Mosque, the comments have been unusually busy these past few days. I’ve been unusually busy too, such that I’ve not had time to do more than skim many comments. That’s not going to change for the foreseeable future, so I wanted to clarify my position vis-à-vis the comments, not just the comments here, but also on my Facebook page. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m satisfied with everything that’s being said — because I’m not.

Ordinarily, I screen the comments for personal attacks, albeit in a loose way. I’m not so concerned if people posting in the comments lob the occasional insult at each other, provided that the discussion stays reasonably civil overall. However, I don’t want people launching personal grenades aimed at Objectivist intellectuals not involved in the discussion. That’s unfair to them. In general, I want people to argue the issues, not to attack their opponents.

(For the record, I made some mistakes in that regard early in this debate, for which I’ve apologized in the relevant venues. I’m not immune from error, but I’m trying hard to stay above the fray.)

Right now, I don’t have time to screen the comments, although I’ve seen much that I’ve found objectionable. Rather than shut down the comments entirely, I’m operating them on a “judge, and prepare to be judged” policy for the next few weeks. Basically, unless the sight of another comment from you makes me want to puke my guts and tear my hair out, I’m going to allow it. You’re welcome to judge other people for their comments — and be judged for your comments in turn. I would ask, however, that you keep those judgments out of the comments. If you don’t … well … you can expect to be judged for that.

Personally, I’m disheartened to see some personal attacks on Leonard Peikoff in these comments. I respect Leonard Peikoff hugely, despite this disagreement. He’s an honorable man in my book, whatever his anger toward people who hold my views. He cares about the future of this country deeply — and he’s fought for decades to save it. He deserves better than to be casually dismissed, as if he’s not thought about his views, even if you think his position utterly wrong.

If I can keep that context — even though I’m deeply, personally hurt by some of his remarks in his podcast and distressed by the unjust attacks on me by some people unleashed as a result — then you can too. Please, make an effort.

Also, please remember that you’re to wrap up any discussion of this topic by the end of today.

Comment Problems

Jun 172010

The Disqus comments are having some kind of problem, such that some people aren’t able to post. Disqus says they’re undergoing maintenance, so I hope the problem will be resolved soon. In the meantime, don’t despair!

Update: Yay! The comments seem to be working again. Feel free to try posting test comments on this thread.

Great Blogger Migration, Take Two

Apr 302010

Later today, I hope to do the Great Blogger Migration for NoodleFood. It has to get done pronto, as FTP publishing will be discontinued tomorrow. So… if NoodleFood goes all wonky for you today, just come back later. By Monday, everything should be straight. If you encounter anything amiss on Monday, please drop me an e-mail.

Unfortunately, the Migration is seriously hampered right now by the fact that we don’t have power in the house due to some major electrical problems in the line between the pedestal and the house. My DSL modem and laptop are running on battery for now, but my web development files are all on my iMac desktop. That’s a problem!

If I get desperate, I might have to move my iMac down to the barn! (That runs on a separate line.)

Happy Belated Blogiversary!

Mar 112010

Last week, I totally blew past the NoodleFood blogiversary. As of March 4th, 2010, I’d been blogging for eight years. (EIGHT YEARS!!!) In that time, NoodleFood has published 4,125 posts. (4,125 POSTS!!!) That’s pretty awesome.

Hooray for me! Hooray for my co-bloggers! Hooray for my commenters! Hooray for my readers!

The Great Blogger Migration

Feb 212010

Blogger has decided — for seemingly good reasons — to stop allowing publication of blogs via FTP. Hence, I need to migrate NoodleFood and my other blogs to Google “custom domains.” My blogs will still use their existing domain names (i.e. not blogspot.com), but they’ll be at subdomains hosted by Google. NoodleFood, for example, will be at blog.dianahsieh.com.

You won’t need to change your bookmarks or update your feed: everything will be redirected. However, you’ll notice a change in the template, as now I’ll be able to take advantage of Blogger’s “Layouts,” including its various cool widgets. Also, I’m going to switch the comments to some new system — probably Disqus — as that’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time.

I’ve already done the transfer for some of my blogs, and that’s gone well. However, I’m a bit worried about NoodleFood. I have over 4,000 (!!) posts to transfer, and some of my comments scripts will be partially broken.

So here’s what’s going to happen. I’ve already posted Sunday’s posts. I’m going to work on the migration tonight (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday). I hope to have everything — except perhaps the comments — up and running on the new Google domain by Monday.

If something seems really broken, you can always e-mail me at [email protected]. But … please don’t do that until Monday.

My Policy on Announcements

Dec 042009

As a general matter, I’m happy to post announcements of events of interest to NoodleFood readers — particularly lectures by Objectivist speakers, calls for activism, and the like. So suppose that you want me to promote your event. What should you do?

Most of all, you need to e-mail me a clear and simple announcement that I can simply quote in a blog post. Links and italics should be HTML-ified, but please don’t use any other HTML. All the essential information should be included, but the announcement should be brief.

Also, I need at least 24 hours of lead-time before the announcement must be posted. I prefer a few days though. If time is too short, you can post your announcement in an open thread.

If you’d like other Objectivist bloggers to post the announcement, you can ask me to forward that HTML’ed text to OBloggers. If you want me to send the announcement to OActivists or FRODO, I’ll need a text announcement too.

Yes, that’s fussy of me. I just don’t want to spend my limited blogging time constructing or formatting other people’s announcements. However, if you make posting your announcement easy for me, I’ll do what I can.

Taking It Easy

Nov 062009

I’ve decided to take it somewhat easy for the rest of the week, so I won’t post another podcast until Monday.

I’d hoped to post my next episode of Rationally Selfish Radio yesterday. However, the topic — of the proper response to offers of government welfare — is somewhat tricky, so I want to work out my views carefully. Plus, I have other pressing work. Tomorrow, I’m giving a short talk to Front Range Objectivism on Luck and Liberty, so I need to finish preparing for that. Also, I really want to finish up all the web updates that I started last week. Oh, and I’m trying to get to the bottom of some health problems too — hypothyroidism, I think. That’s taking some time, and I’m just not feeling as zesty for life as usual. So a break seems in order!

From what I hear, some of you could use some time to catch up. So get to it!

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Conrad playing with a Boxer at the dog park this morning. They were doing more vertical jumping than I’ve ever seen Conrad do; the Boxer has all four paws off the ground in the picture. (Click for the full-sized version.)

Update on the Update

Oct 312009

The slew of changes required to divide my blogging and podcasting output into distinct streams has gone remarkably well so far. (I planned out the process pretty meticulously, thankfully!) It’s now 1 am, so I’m headed to bed. Just know that — for the moment — my various web sites are something of a mess. I’ll be able to get everything into working order tomorrow — Saturday, that is.

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