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Online smoking cessation program

This program is specially designed to assist the smoker who has made the decision to attempt smoking cessation. We have facilitated a framework and support for the process of cessation and maintaining a nicotine-free lifestyle.

The program is based on a concept that we call:

'Information that leads to transformation".'

The participant will be exposed to information that facilitates taking right action towards the desired goal. There are no tricks or gimmicks whatsoever; no pharmaceutical or natural products to alleviate withdrawal symptoms or manage craving; no nicotine-substitute patches or gums - only information and affirmation that assists the participant to take right action.

One may want to consider that by managing to get rid of addiction by oneself, by relying on one's own innate resources and faculties, the success will be truly empowering. By improving awareness levels and the ability to focus the mind and act determinedly, one may find that much more is to be gained than just the initial goal of quitting smoking.
Essential Information

Fees and Duration

" The participation fee for the entire program is $36. Major credit cards are accepted and the payment is efficiently processed online through a secure server.

" Within the first 10 days of the program participants may decide to put it on hold for up to 12 months. They can then embark on it at any time for no additional fee, but once this 12-month period has expired access is denied.

" Participants who are invited by a benefactor to embark on the program may do so at any time during a 12-month period commencing from the invitation date.

Preparation and Quitting

" The program starts with a few preparatory sessions, so participants do not need to prepare themselves in advance. Rather, they should embark immediately and allow the program itself to prepare them.

During the first 10 days of the program participants are not asked to quit smoking or reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke. They can smoke as many cigarettes as usual.

" Twenty-one days after commencement of the program participants will have quit smoking.

Program Structure

" The program proceeds for 36 consecutive days. There are 44 online sessions during this period.

" On each day of the program the participant is offered a short online session of about five or ten minutes in length. These sessions are called 'The Discourses'.

" The more comprehensive sessions take 30-40 minutes of focus and concentration. These sessions are presented on days 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31 and 36. The five-day gap between each session is a recess period for contemplation and the implementation of proactive actions that are detailed at the end of each of these sessions. These sessions are called 'The Sessions'.

" Participants can re-read any Session that they have been exposed to as many times as they wish, at the time of their choice. However, participants do not have access to Sessions that they have not yet been exposed to. In other words, participants must abide to the program's pace and schedule.

" Participants may ask questions at any time, and answers will be sent to their email boxes.

" Participants may also share their opinions and notions with others who are taking part in the program by partaking in the discussions on the Bulletin Board, located in The Arena.

Site Structure

Embark - Allows entrance to The Hub (see below) once participants have established their user name and password. New users will be directed through an online procedure to pay the required fee of $36.

The Hub - The gateway to three options: Sessions, Discourses and Arena.

The Sessions - This is where participants are exposed to the eight Sessions from Day 1 to Day 36, with a five-day gap between each session.

The Discourses - Where participants can read daily short discourses, exercises, affirmations and further information.

The Arena - Where participants can post a question or notion to the site developers, and participate in discussions on the Bulletin Board.

Other Functions

Invite - Allows anyone to invite another person to embark on the program. The benefactor pays the $36 fee as a gift for a person who may benefit from the program. The invited person will have a period of 12 months in which to embark.

Inform - Allows anyone on the program or any visitor to the site to send a short email message together with our web address to another person.

The Brochure - Allows anyone on the program or any visitor to the site to download and print our Brochure.

The program is simple and straightforward and we trust that it will prove beneficial to the participants.

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