The cost associated with embarking on this program is $36, which represents one dollar per day for the duration of the program. This minimal figure is not representative of the value of the program, rather it is a minimum charge that allows us to make this information available to you.

Here are some of the reasons behind this payment:

1. There's no advertising whatsoever on any page of this site.

We will not try to sell you anything. No shopping carts or baskets, no links to other businesses. The space we have created is entirely dedicated to helping you work on your smoking cessation and we will not distract you or divert your focus at any time.

3. We will not 'protect your privacy' simply because your privacy remains yours, not ours. We don't ask for your details, age, address, name, income, hobbies or any other private information for purposes of economic exploitation or otherwise. *

4. We ask for $36 as a minimal fee to sustain this endeavor. Your payment will assist in making other people aware of the existence of this place.

5. It is well accepted that many people do not appreciate services they receive completely for free. This is not the reason why we charge fees for the program, but if you fall into this category this point is for you - this service costs money!

6. This endeavor of promoting smoking cessation is private and independent. It is not sponsored or supported by governments or any other organization whatsoever.

7. It has cost a substantial amount of money to research and develop this original and innovative program, and to integrate it with a state-of-the-art Web technology. We request payment from you because there are ongoing expenses associated with the proper maintenance of the site.




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