Kick your cigarettes Goodbye!

We have developed an effective method of breaking smoking addiction - we call it information that leads to transformation".

Our method is based on a reconditioning technique that allows the participant to defeat addiction to nicotine and choose a smoke-free lifestyle. The program is highly successful for smokers who are seriously interested in giving up the habit - it offers an innovative model that does not rely on substitutes such as nicotine patches or gums.

information that leads to transformation" is a program that works for smokers who desire to quit smoking and who need assistance, support and a framework for the process.

information that leads to transformation " is a straightforward, make-sense program that works!

Here is the rationale:

" Smoking has a multitude of real benefits for the smoker. A program that doesn't acknowledge the many beneficial aspects of smoking, its health benefits and positive mood alteration would not be able to understand the strife, grief and sacrifice of a smoker who is attempting cessation.

" Smoking is a complex addiction. Attempting to give it up demands a thorough understanding of neurological pathways and the pharmacokinetics of nicotine in the Central Nervous System (CNS).

" When a person attempts to quit smoking, her/his body will go into withdrawal, resulting at times in intense irritability that will persist for up to a couple of weeks.

" Once the withdrawal period is concluded, other undesirable phenomena such as cravings, depression, sleep difficulties, headaches, weight gain and other disturbances may occur.

" Habits are very hard to kill.

" Each individual is unique, so any successful method needs to have enough flexibility to cater to the specific needs of individuals.

We can summarise our rationale with three major points:

1. Smoking offers real benefits that need to be sacrificed or replaced.

2. Smoking is an addiction. Any attempt to break it will cause a withdrawal.

3. Smoking is both a biological dependency and a behavioral habit and these are very hard to break.

But it can be done!

You can do it!
Giving up smoking is not easy, however you can do it and enjoy a better quality of life.

Firstly you have to make a firm decision. Secondly you need to acknowledge that you stand a better chance if your cessation attempt is contained in a framework that will provide you with guidance and support.

We have developed an effective method that works!

How does it work?

" Over a period of 36 days you will walk away from cigarettes for good, using a novel technique for dissolving nicotine addiction and smoking conditioning.

" You will receive 44 online Sessions that will provide you with tools to reverse addiction via information that leads to transformation".

" The information will be released to you gradually, at a pace that allows you to progress within a therapeutic framework.

" You will be able to access the Sessions in the privacy of your home or office, and at a time and pace of your choice.

" The extremely beneficial information includes practical advice on how to remove the addiction from your life, step by step.

" There are no substitutes involved and the program is designed to make the journey out of addiction meaningful and fun.

" You may email any questions, or ask us about specific circumstances that are relevant to your environment, and receive an answer directly to your email box.

" You may share your feelings and receive feedback from other program participants on the Bulletin Board.

" As you quit smoking other issues are likely to arise - irritability, insomnia weight gain, etc. These problems have been anticipated and effective solutions are provided within the program.

" All of the information that is gradually exposed during the program remains accessible, so participants can repeat any section that might be of help at a certain time.

" The cost is as little as one dollar per day, as the program fee is only $36. There are no hidden fees, no solicitations of any kind, and no tricks.

Should you join the program?

If you succeed, this program may prove to be life saving.

Otherwise you might lose $36. The decision is yours …

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