Advice on Dishwasher Soap

 Posted by on 23 July 2005 at 8:29 am  Uncategorized
Jul 232005

Paul and I don’t use our dishwasher very often. Washing the dishes is Paul’s job — and he prefers to wash by hand. So unless we have company or Paul is away, the dishwasher sits idle. That’s not a problem for the dishwasher, but it does seem to be a problem for the dishwasher gel soap. It tends to harden or crystalize over time for some inexplicable reason. (It is stored in the cabinet below the kitchen sink, under very ordinary conditions.) I’d rather not switch to powder soap, as I don’t like it as much as the gel. Yet I’m tired of replacing barely-used bottles of dishwashing soap.

So I wonder: Why does the gel harden over time? Is that a common problem? (I did google, but found nothing relevant.) Also, it is preventable? If so, how?

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