Last Chance for SnowCon

 Posted by on 7 March 2013 at 10:00 am  SnowCon
Mar 072013

Tomorrow (Friday) is your last chance to register for SnowCon! You can find the full schedule — including events, times, and locations — here: SnowCon 2013.

If you’re local, don’t miss these lectures on Saturday:

  • Ari Armstrong on “Who Needs ‘Assault Weapons’ or ‘High-Capacity’ Magazines?”
  • Diana Hsieh on “Why You Don’t Want to Be Lucky”
  • Howard Roerig on “Frac’ing: What It Is and Why We Should All Embrace It”
  • Paul Hsieh on “Concierge Medicine: The Last Bastion of Health Care Freedom”
  • Pablo Romero on “What on Earth Is Opera?”

In addition to Friday’s gathering at the newly remodeled Chez Hsieh, we’ll have dinner at Rio Grande in Lone Tree on Saturday night, and we’ll be going to the Denver Art Museum on Sunday.

If anyone wants to squeeze in after Friday, I might be able to accomodate that, but you’ll have to email me. (It will cost extra too!)

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