The Pretext?!?

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Jul 192005

This e-mail below has to be one of the strangest that I’ve ever received. It wasn’t caught by my spam filter, so I’m not sure whether it was personal or spam.

Remember to promote the pretext.

Remember to promote the pretext: “The only way to fight the evil West is by fighting it economically through attacks.”

Avoid the idea that attacks are post-Soviet power grabs from Totalitarian Nations. High ranking members dictate beliefs in societies, conciousness is dictated by rank, the pretext is dictated. Correct your stylebook if needed. Avoid the simple facts, remember the pretext.

Use correct spelling with the “new” names adopted by “new” groups. Avoid the assumption of singular ideology used by regimes so to promote the appearence of a dynamic movement.

Remember the excuses and do not remember the age-old human sacrifice paradigm. Don’t follow the money, remember the pretext.

Don’t take sides, ostensively promote the pretext. Remember you’re Sad not Angry. Always Sad, never Angry. Promote the pretext.

REMEMBER THE PRETEXT, repeat the pretext, publish the pretext, promote the pretext, always the pretext, argue the pretext, remember the pretext…

Then it included a bunch of links to various news articles about Islam and the Middle East.


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