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Jul 182005

News from ComicCon, which was just opening (just across the street!) at the close of OCON:

Wondering about Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was on the mind of many con-goers. Whedon is writing a script for a movie and will direct the adventure, but the lead actress has yet to be cast. Uber-producer Joel Silver reportedly will helm the Wonder Woman flick.

In the Veronica Mars panel, a fan Friday directed a question to both Silver, executive producer of Veronica Mars, and Carpenter, a new cast member of the cult show, “Where’s Wonder Woman?” To tons of applause, Charisma said to Joel: “I didn’t set it up.” But that’s all that was said.

The picture wasn’t made any clear the next day when Whedon and most of the cast of the upcoming film Serenity appeared in the cavernlike Hall H, which can hold 6,500.

A fan suggested Whedon cast Gina Torres as Wonder Woman. Joss, in his usually dry wit, replied: “She and Morena (Baccarin) will have to fight to the death (for the part.) And Adam (Baldwin).”

Baldwin said: “I’m sure I’ll let them win.”

Not to be left out, Nathan Fillion, who was a cut-up throughout most of the panel discussion, channeled Lynda Carter from the campy Wonder Woman television series by twirling around as if to change into his costume, fending off bullets with imaginary bracelets and pushing up a make-believe bustier.

Many fans left Comic-Con still wondering about Wonder Woman. And about Nathan Fillion.

I’m sure that the footage will be available on the browncoats web site sometime soon. I can’t wait!

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