Home Sweet Home

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Jul 172005

Paul and I are finally home again. (We finished up OCON on Thursday, then I had a two-day Teaching Workshop after while Paul visited his parents in Los Angeles, then I went up for a quick 24 hour visit too, then we left for home last night.)

And yes, I am already halfway through the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Today Paul and I have our monthly 2FROG meeting and FROLIC Sunday Dinner. But I’m sure that I’ll squeeze it in, so that I finish it today.

I hope to write up some comments on OCON (best ever on all counts!) and the Teaching Workshop (fantastically helpful!) sometime this next week. Since it was Paul’s first conference, I’m sure that he’ll have something to say too. Also, Paul and I had a very interesting discussion on language with my friend Luka Yovetich while in LA about which I hope to write up some comments.

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