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Jul 122005

Well, I must admit that this e-mail was a bit surprising: A business actually wants to hire a philosopher! On purpose!

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:01:29 -0500
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: $2 Billion Private Investment Firm Looking to Hire Top Philosophy Graduates


I found your contact information on the university web site. Please review the following job description and let me know if you have any referrals or suggestions. Thank you for your help.

We will pay a referral fee of $10,000 to the student or a $20,000 research grant to the professor who refers us a recent or prior graduate whom we hire in the next 4 weeks. For the right candidate, we also are willing to top any current offer they have by 20%. Only the first person to email me with the name of a candidate that we hire will be eligible for the referral fee. Send referrals to [email protected].

Business Affairs

Job Description

A $2 billion private investment firm in Fort Worth, TX is looking for a top Philosophy Graduate to join its Business Affairs division. This division is unique because it is comprised of individuals with various backgrounds, skill sets and experiences, including individuals with MBA’s and JD’s. The division combines these various skill sets and experiences to maximize the returns of the company while minimizing the company’s overall risk.

Responsibilities of the division include:

* Detailed contract and document review

* Overseeing and negotiating a variety of agreements between the company (or one of its related entities) and third parties

* Assisting in the development, negotiation and implementation of cutting edge private equity and fund-related transactions

* Equity/Debt financing, repos and derivative transactions (e.g. swaps)

* Bank debt trading

* Formation of entities for various purposes

* Prime and executing broker relationships

* Bankruptcy and restructuring strategies

* Hedge fund formation, operations and structuring

* Legal issues encompassing all areas of the law

Ideal Candidate:

* Recent Philosophy graduate with either a BA or MA from a top university

* A heavy concentration and focus in logic courses

* A distinct interest in business, law and investing

This is a high profile division with direct access to and interaction with individuals from all divisions of the company, including the company’s partners, CFO, investment managers and general counsel. The successful candidate will be a graduate with a record of outstanding academic achievement. The division, like all other areas of the company, operates in an open, interactive environment.

Best regards,

Reggie Stinson
[email protected]

I have no idea whether the job (or the referral fee) is legitimate. But if you’re a philosopher with no other job prospects, let them know I sent you!

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