Metal Music x Kids Music = Awesome

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Feb 182013

I’m not a fan of metal music. I’m not a fan of kids music. But holy hell, bring on the metal music for kids!

  • James

    I always preferred my family’s route: Dad had us listening to Black Sabbath by the time we were in middle school. It actually helped out in a lot of ways–metal is the only genre of music I know that includes things like MacBeth, The Silimarillion, Nordic mythology, and others. Even Ayn Rand is included in metal (and not just Rush–Anthrax has a version of Anthem). It’s a LOT easier to understand Shakespeare when it’s sung, rather than recited by a bunch of prepubescents.

  • Rasskazivats

    ROFL!! SO. AWESOME. Heard some ACDC in there, too.

    There’s a Theory of a Deadman song that’s pretty Objectivist, as well:

    “No, I’m sorry to say, there’ll be no sacrifice today…”

    Amazing. Some of their other songs aren’t so great. But this song is unbelievable.

    Here’s another song that’s pretty awesome:

    I’ve suggested to Mr. Peikoff via his facebook that you guys should feature it in the “Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal” documentary. (You guys do have that in the works, don’t you? You should!)

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