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Feb 182013

Last weekend, I bought this e-book — Broadcast Voice Handbook: How To Polish Your On-Air Delivery. Speaking live is difficult. Although the quality of my delivery has improved dramatically with the practice of over two years on air, I’ve wanted to put some concerted effort into further improving not just my delivery but also the quality of my voice. Hence, the book.

Also, for anyone interested in the equipment that I use to broadcast and record:

They’re of pretty darn good quality, particularly for the price. They’ve been super-reliable too.

For just basic audio quality, I absolutely must keep my mouth very close to the microphone. Even an inch makes a difference. Alas, I got sloppy about that for a while, until someone pointed out the problem. I’ve been better over the past few months, but I should be even more conscientious. So, if you’ve noticed degradations or improvements in quality, that’s due to user error, not the equipment.

Oh, and if you want to hear an awesome radio voice, check out this video of a homeless man:

The man utterly destroyed his life with drugs and alcohol, but based on this follow-up story, he seems to be on the right track now!

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