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Feb 082013

I love this story of the murderous driver foiled by homeless, hitchhiking, hatchet-wielding passenger — not just because these strangers came to each other’s aid at a moment’s notice, but also because the young man’s recounting of events is hysterical!

“SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!” Saving another person’s life doesn’t get any better than that!

Note: I updated the post with the link to the video that Kelly provided in the comments.

  • c_andrew

    Well, the obvious take home points here are that we should screen potential licensed drivers to see if they suffer from an anti-black messiah complex and that hatchets should not be in the hands of “civilians.” /sarc

  • Tjitze de Boer

    Alt title: Second coming huge disappointment.

  • Kelly Valenzuela

    Youtube took down the video that was posted here originally, but here’s a link to the original source… and it IS hilarious!

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