Pain and Suffering

 Posted by on 3 June 2002 at 8:00 am  Uncategorized
Jun 032002

It’s been ten days and counting with my mysterious illness. For the past few days, it has been horribly painful to swallow and has become painful to talk. I have only been able to sleep and yack away thanks to Comtrex, a cough syrup with just Tylenol in it. Strangely enough, otherwise I feel perfectly fine.

Given my schedule for the next few weeks, I figured that I ought to see my doctor sooner rather than later. (Next Wednesday, I’m headed off for a visit to my parents in Maryland and then to the IHS Social Change Workshop in Virginia for a week. I’ll be home for three days, then will be off to TOC’s Advanced Seminar, followed by the regular Summer Seminar. At the Summer Seminar, I’ll be giving seven lectures in six days, so I’ll need a good strong voice.)

Let’s hope that my doctor can figure out what is wrong with me!

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