A Dog and His Big Stick

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Jan 302013

Oh, poor doggie:

Our own doggie Mae is very attached to toys, and last week, she secretly brought home a tennis ball from the dog park. I’ve required it to be an outside-only toy, so that she doesn’t compulsively chew it, as she would in the house. Hence, we’ve had multiple “conversations” of like the following:

Me: “Mae, drop. That’s an outside toy.” Mae: “NO! YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY EXPECT ME TO LEAVE MY BEST FRIEND OUT IN THE COLD!” Me: “No Mae, drop.” Mae: “PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!” Me: “No Mae, drop.” Mae: “HAVE MERCY, WOMAN! I NEED MY BALL! IT’S MY BEST FRIEND!” Me: “No Mae. It’ll be here when you go outside again.” Mae: “Fine, but (*sniffle*) I don’t know how I’ll bear it.”

Her joy upon reuniting with that tennis ball is extreme!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000536747848 Jennifer Snow

    Heh, one of my brothers went through a stage like that. My dad called him “Mr. Bundle” because he would try to carry all of his possessions with him EVERYWHERE.

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