The Importance of Kissing Before Marriage

 Posted by on 16 January 2013 at 10:00 am  Love/Sex, Marriage
Jan 162013

WARNING: If you don’t kiss before marriage, this might be your fate:

I don’t want to imagine what the sex was like. *shudder*

More seriously, I think that advocating or practicing abstinence before marriage is not just unwise but morally wrong.

Sex is a hugely important part of a marriage. It’s not the kind of thing that should be a surprise on the wedding night — any more than should be future plans for kids or career.

People can be sexually incompatible for all kinds of reasons. Often, that cannot be overcome. In that case, best to discover that — and break up — before moving in together, making a life-long commitment, merging finances, bearing children, and so on.

P.S. On a funny note, check out the comment that someone posted in reply to my post on this to Philosophy in Action’s Facebook Page:

As it happens, I’m most decidedly not ashamed of myself.

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