It’s About Time!

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Jun 162005

I’ve finally updated my musty old blogroll, as you can see for yourself to the right. (I also switched from a weekly to a monthly archive and moved that list to below the blogroll, as suggested.) A few comments are in order:

First, the listing is permanently provisional. Over time, new blogs will be added, defunct blogs will be removed, and listed blogs will be read more or less often. To keep the blogroll relatively fresh, I’ve set up a recurring task in Outlook to remind me to update my blogroll every three months.

Second, if a blog you think I’d like (whether your own or not) isn’t listed, drop me an e-mail. (You can also post a link in the comments on this post.) I’ll privately bookmark it in my “blogroll in future” folder, read it for a while, and then add it to my blogroll with the next update if I like it. Also, if you’ve written a particular post in which I might be interested (whether just to read or also to link), drop me an e-mail with the link and text in the body of the e-mail. It’s always good to include a sentence or two indicating why I should be interested, even when it seems glaringly obvious to you.

Third, I read the blogs I do because I find that the writers have something interesting to say, even though I might strongly disagree on a host of issues. So please do not consider a blogroll listing to be an endorsement of the blog over and above the minimal notion that “Diana finds this blog interesting.”

Fourth, although Paul posts here on occasion, his musty old blogroll can be found on GeekPress. This blogroll is all mine.

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