Six Myths

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Jun 012002

A few weeks ago, Paul sent me this link to a pro-Palestianian document about the “6 most common Israeli myths recycled during Israel’s supposed ‘War on Terror.’”

The “myths” are:

Myth 1: There is no moral equivalence between suicide bombings on the one hand, and Israel’s killing of Palestinians on the other

Myth 2: Israel’s invasion of Palestinian cities and refugee camps is self-defence against suicide bombings

Myth 3: Arafat Refuses to Condemn Suicide Bombings in Arabic

Myth 4: Arafat has not done enough to stop terrorism

Myth 5: Arafat Spurned Barak’s generous offer at Camp David and broke off negotiations with Israel

Myth 6: Arafat started the Intifada

It’s worth a read.

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