Cautious Optimism

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Jun 122005

Although I do like to live dangerously on occasion, I fear that I have gone overboard with my cautious and guarded optimism about the new Batman movie, Batman Begins. (It opens on Wednesday.)

Given that utter horror that has been every live action Batman movie so far made, I must wonder: Is it even logically possible that it not suck? Despite such worries, I am slightly hopeful based upon stories like this one.

Some fans liked Tim Burton’s Batman movies, but I found them insufferable. I particularly remember that I despised Michael Keaton as Batman. I’m far more hopeful about Christian Bale, particularly since I watched Equilibrium again last night and liked it even more the second time.

I sometimes wonder if Hollywood is even capable of a good live action rendition of my beloved Dark Knight. (Of course, The Batman proves that even animated series can suck in spades.) Then again, if Hollywood can do it for the X-Men, they should be able to do it for the Bats!

So here’s to living dangerously with cautious optimism!

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