Onward and Upward in 2013

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Jan 012013

When I was in graduate school and for a few years thereafter, I was unsatisfied with my work in various ways. I wasn’t clear about what the core focus of my work should be. I felt like I was pulled in too many different directions, particularly with my various Objectivist activist projects.

As a result, every time I’d travel or otherwise break from my routine, I’d brainstorm about the dozens of different projects that I might do. I never felt like I was doing enough; I always felt like I should be doing something more or something else.

That lack of focus was frustrating and unsettling. I always felt like some projects were terribly neglected. I never felt like I was able to make much progress on any given project. Also, I felt like I should be more clear about what I most wanted to do, given my age. That was worrisome, even alarming.

2012 was different for me: I’ve hit my stride. I have lots to accomplish in the years ahead, and I’ll be making plenty of changes along the way. But I’m intensely happy with what I’m doing. I don’t see any sharp turns in my future, just minor course corrections.

What’s happened, I think, is that I’ve become almost exclusively focused on Philosophy in Action. Everything that I do is centered around that, so I don’t feel pulled in 35 different directions by various activist projects. (Hey, it’s almost as if I have a clear central purpose! Fancy that!)

I feel like I’m just moving onward and upward at this point. It’s a great place to be… and I’m really looking forward to 2013!

  • Tom McKendree

    Congratulations! Seeing the results of your own effective focus is always wonderful.

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