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Jun 082005

I’m pleased to report that I am one of the bloggers for The Egosphere, the new group blog of Objectivism Online. I just set the post below to be included on it, although it might take a bit of time for it to show up. On that post and others, you’ll see a “Crxssposted to the The Egosphere” tagline. (I had to mangle that first word so that it wouldn’t actually be posted.)

Obviously, my posting on The Egosphere does not necessarily imply agreement with the particular posts by the other bloggers. (I hope that was an unncessary warning!)

Interestingly, my posts on NoodleFood tend to be rather different from what I’ve seen so far on The Egosphere, as I rarely write long, serious analyses of issues these days. So I’ll be interested to see how well they blend with the rest.

Update: I had some problems with my RSS feed, so that post below wasn’t crossposted as planned.

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