Rabid Beasts

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Jun 072005

Yesterday, TIA Daily pointed me to this eye-opening story of the behavior of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay prison.

According to two Army prison guards, one 22 years old and the other 28, [a] prisoner was temporarily in another part of the prison for a bath when the jagged, rectangular piece of metal, three to four inches long was found and removed.

…After first allowing the detainee to return from his shower to the cell, a five-man team of guards then began a carefully choreographed “cell extraction” to move him to another cell, where he would not be able to do further damage.

“He was extremely aggressive from the moment we went in,” said the 28-year-old guard, whose job it was to “push the detainee back” as another guard quickly handcuffed the prisoner.

Before the cuffs could go on though, things went wrong and the detainee forced his hands up under the first guard’s plexiglass face mask and began digging for the eyeball.

“He tried to insert one finger into my eye socket, then he transitioned into a fishhook maneuver,” the guard said. “He got his finger into my mouth and was trying to rip my cheek off.” After another moment, the detainee’s hands were forced down and into the cuffs.

The entire incident was videotaped, as are all cell-extraction procedures under the tight protocol with which military officials have been running the Guantanamo prison amid scrutiny and harsh criticism from human rights advocates.

Senior officials here, several of whom take ongoing criticism of their performance at the prison personally, eagerly described the incident as an example of “the other side of the story” about Guantanamo, which they say deserves a closer look.

The militant Islamists may look human, but they are nothing but rabid beasts in human skin. (Of course, that’s an insult to rabid beasts everywhere, but you understand my point, I hope.) My sense is that the serious leftist defenders of such people do not merely refuse to acknowledge their true nature, but work hard to conceal it from naively benevolent Americans.

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