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Jun 042005

What is the purpose of a blogroll? Do people regularly use them to find new blogs of likely interest? Do a person’s choices in blogs on the blogroll reveal something about him? Is it merely kind (and perhaps even just) to publicly recognize the blogs that you like to read? Are all three reasons at work? What about others?

At present, my blogroll is hopelessly outdated. It includes tons of sites that I haven’t visited in ages, as well as omits some sites that I regularly visit. I just updated the local version on my hard drive that I use to surf the blogs I like. Since it was a major update, I want to let it settle for a few days before updating my blogger template. Yet I must ask: Will anyone care? If so, why?

Also, the archive list is now insanely long. Would it be better to switch it to a monthly archive? (The old weekly archives would not be deleted, so links would be preserved.) Does it matter?

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