The Success of the Colorado Books Project

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May 262005

I’m very happy to report that Front Range Objectivism’s Colorado Books Projects was a great success. Here’s the May 22nd announcement from Lin Zinser:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We have succeeded in raising the necessary funds for ARI to contact teachers over the entire state of Colorado and solicit their interest in teaching Ayn Rand in the classroom — that is, teaching Anthem and The Fountainhead in high school classrooms, with lesson plans and other tools for teachers.

I am so pleased and excited about the prospect that I can hardly contain myself. I want to thank each and every one of you who contributed to this project. We actually raised more than the required amount — but every dollar will be spent with ARI in placing Ayn Rand’s books in Colorado classrooms.

I am still tabulating contributions, but it looks like we raised over $11,000. I want to also thank Steve D’Ippolito — whose challenge raised about $2,000.00 in 2 days. In all, 41 people contributed to raise all of the money, and to each of you who contributed, I want to add a personal thank you. All of you contribute to make Front Range Objectivism the success that it is.

I will keep you advised of the progress as I work with the Ayn Rand Institute to install the books in the classrooms. Be proud!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Thanks and congratulations to everyone who donated!

In my original (and now updated) post about the Colorado Book Project, I wrote: “In my recitations, I usually end up presenting some idea of Ayn Rand’s at least once in the semester. I always ask my students whether they are familiar with her work, particularly with her novels. If I’m lucky, I might get one or two students. Mostly however, I get blank stares. I’d like to change that — and I think that ARI’s program is the way to do it.”

I’m very excited to see the fruits of this project in the freshman I teach.

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