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May 132005

I’ve had my first digital camera, an Olympus Camedia D-460 Zoom, for quite some time now — since April of 2000, in fact. By today’s standards, the camera is just pathetic; it’s large, clunky, with a crappy battery life and a whopping 1.3 megapixels. Those five human years are like 100 camera years!

Although I’d thought about replacing the old camera with a newer model, I’d never bothered. It still worked well enough for my purposes.

However, the camera just recently died: it only reads its card intermittently. The problem is definitely with the camera, since it won’t read either of my two cards, whereas my computer happily reads them both.

So I decided to buy a new camera, as I definitely want to take pictures of the sights on our upcoming trip.

I opted for the uber-tiny Pentax Optio S5i, with an extra-fast, 1 gig card to go with it. (Sheesh, I remember when a gig of hard drive space was astonishing!)

Here’s one of my first pictures, of our cat Oliver sleeping on our bed. (I must admit that I was too tired from a morning of gardening to get up out of bed to take any more ambitious pictures.)

He looks like a perfectly cute and fluffy little bunny in that photo, but he was actually glaring at the camera in most of the five or so pictures I took.

Then tonight, I caught Abby determinedly devouring the cheesy tidbits baked onto the lasagne pan.

Go Abby!

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