The Kindness of Morons

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May 062005

Today’s moronic e-mail is from Lin Biao :

Subject: Excellent Stolyarov Essay on Slow Drawn Murder Of Terri Schiavo

Thanks for posting referral to the above mentioned piece.
You might want to check out Ilana Mercer’s website for
another excellent piece on this subject.
The neocon World Daily Net website has been covering this
for years and has the most comprehensive report on the
whole case. Nat Hentoff has had several excellent pieces
on Schiavo case in the Village Voice and Jewish World Review
websites and even the neocon National Review website has had
several good pieces as has The New American website.
As we all know sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words
as we all know from pictures of Auschwitz, etc.
Pictures in Rodney King atrocity do prove LAPD out of control.
Abortion pictures show bloody killing but justifiable homicide
as fetus in body of another. See Rothbard in The Ethics of Liberty,
by far best pro-choice argument. Much better than Rand weak ones.
Baboons at ARI would be anti-abortion and pro-Palestinian
if Rand had been same. Total uncreative morons from top on
down. I’m atheist and pro-abortion myself but totally disagree
with assisted suicide or forced euthanasia.
Your stuff on Palestinian issue good for toilet paper only.
See works of Alfred Lilienthal and Edward Said and ONE
Chomsky book here, The Fateful Triangle.
Recall your mismanagement of Branden website well, glad that
you have disassociated yourself from the Branden Cult and his
even stupider wife, too bad you went back in warm womb of
Randroid Dumbasses.
Don’t bother writing me back, just look up the sources I kind enough
to refer you to.

Ah yes, what a kindness Lin Biao has done me! I would thank him, but sadly I’m not allowed to write back.

However, I am confused on one point: I can see how pictures of abortion show the “bloody killing” of a “fetus in the body of another,” but I’m just not sure how they show “justifiable homicide.” Ah well, I’m sure it’s just self-evident. Or, in Rothbard’s case, based upon a totally stupid analogy combined with a rationalistic view of property rights.

Also, since I’m now “in warm womb of Randroid Dumbasses,” does that mean that killing me would also be justifiable homocide? That might be nice to know.

Update: Of course, today would have to be the day that Paul gets this e-mail from a GeekPress fan distraught over this week’s light blogging (with the subject “How can I live without GeekPress??”): “My formerly shiny happy purposeful life has become a dull miasma of hopelessness and despair.” Not fair! I want to be able to do that! (If Paul were reading this now, he would tell me that I have done just that to him, thanks to our loveless sham of a marriage!)

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