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May 052005

Paul and I just got back from special preview of Serenity. (As you might recall, the tickets in all ten cities sold out in just a few hours.)

It was fantastic: compelling and novel plot, sharp humor, delightful backstory tidbits, glorious danger, and all the rest. Happily, that seemed to be the common assessment of the audience.

I can’t wait to see the final cut on September 30th.

Update: Ari Armstrong has a nice write-up of the Serenity preview. I particularly enjoyed hearing this little tidbit:

Rotten Tomatoes, citing a “CABridges,” reported: “Advance screenings of the upcoming movie ‘Serenity’ were announced last week, with ten showings in ten cities on May 5. Universal had an advertising campaign all ready to go but didn’t need it as tickets sold out by the next morning.”

Ari also sent out the picture of those of us from Front Range Objectivism able to attend:

That’s (top row from left to right) Molly Chiaramonte, John Williams, Lin Zinser, Betty Evans and (bottom row, from left to right) Ari Armstrong, Diana Hsieh, Paul Hsieh, Rob Chiaramonte.

Also, this page contains a review of the film from someone who has never seen Firefly (with some spoilers). As he said: “This movie rocked.”

Apparently, some cities were blessed with appearances from the Big Damn Heroes:

Austin – Nathan & Ron
Boston – Sean & Morena
Las Vegas – Joss & Summer
San Francisco – Gina & Alan
Seattle – Adam

Now I’m jealous.

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