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Nov 272012

I appreciate the questions that folks submit to Philosophy in Action’s Queue, but every once in a while I get a question that I just can’t answer. For instance:

Um, wow. Five points to anyone who manages to read the whole question without going cross-eyed!

  • Larry Bretthorst

    This is a perfect example of “purple speak.” The purples were a fringe group in “The Ring of Charon” and “The Shattered Sphere” by Rodger MacBride Allen. These two books are examples of some of the best science fiction ever written and the Purp’s were a minor but pretty funny element in the devolution of society.

  • Jim

    My attempt at translation is below:

    “Since most most of us do not have a well defined philosophy of life our actions are often without purpose. We would value a well defined philosophy of life, but are often confounded in our search. We live our lives the best we can, using a random mix of myth, faith, theory, and personal experience to lead us.

    What can we expect from a person who leads a life raised with and controlled by supernatural beliefs? Religion and science conspire to tell this person that philosophy is not the answer. In fact, religion tells us that it is the only truth and that failure to believe will be punished in both this world and the next. Only through discussion can a person develop a well defined philosophy of life.”

  • Tjitze de Boer

  • Mark

    When is Diana Hsieh going to publicly apologize for her weirdly inexplicable and scurrilous, unprovoked personal attack on Chris Sciabarra?

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