Busy Busy Bee

 Posted by on 1 May 2005 at 11:05 am  Uncategorized
May 012005

At the moment, I have lots of e-mail piling up in my inbox. Due to my usual end-of-semester crunch, I don’t expect to be answering any of it until next weekend at the earliest, except to put out fires. (So don’t be starting any fires!)

Even when I’m really busy, I can generally snatch a few occasional moments to blog. Answering e-mail quickly sucks up lots more time, so I’m just avoiding it altogether at present.

The moral of the story: Don’t think that I’m ignoring you; I’m actually ignoring everyone!

P.S. I hope folks are right about Daniel Lee lying about plagiarizing (!) to get a rise out of me. If so, I’ll admit it: I’m an easy mark. I should be more alert to the possibility of people who lie for the fun of it, but that psychology is just so foreign to me that I have trouble even remembering it as an option.

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