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Apr 302005

Thanks in large part due Chairman Bob Pasnau, the Boulder philosophy department is well on its way to recovery from the exodus of faculty in recent years.

The Department has announced five new faculty appointments:

Mitzi Lee, associate professor, formerly at Illinois/Chicago. Mitzi works in ancient philosophy, and has just published a book with Oxford entitled “Epistemology After Protagoras.” She will begin teaching in the fall.

Robert Rupert, assistant professor, formerly at Texas Tech. Rob works in philosophy of mind, has published papers with many leading journals, and is working on two book manuscripts. He will be in Boulder beginning this summer, but has an NEH Fellowship for next year, and so will not begin teaching until Fall ’06.

Eric Chwang, PhD Princeton/MD Baylor. Eric works in ethics and political philosophy, and has a special interest in medical ethics. For the next year and a half he will be taking an NIH postdoc, and so will not be in residence in Boulder until Spring ’07.

Chris Heathwood, PhD UMass. Chris works in ethics, and although he is just finishing his PhD, he has already published numerous papers. He will be arriving early this summer, and begins teaching in the fall.

David Barnett, assistant professor, formerly at University of Vermont. David works on metaphysics and language and has published numerous papers in the leading philosophy journals. He begins in the fall.

Five new hires in a year is pretty damn astonishing, particularly for a cash-strapped university like Boulder. (I am particularly eager to meet Mitzi Lee, our new ancient philosophy hire!)

However, these new hires don’t really solve the basic problem facing many of us already well into our Ph.D coursework, namely that of finding a well-suited dissertation advisor. I have only one more semester of coursework, so I won’t have too much interaction with the new hires, not even with those arriving in the next academic year. Moreover, most of the new faculty are too green to supervise a dissertation.

I’m sure that I’ll be able to work it out to my reasonable satisfaction. But until then, it’s all a bit worrisome.

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