Grad School Barbie

 Posted by on 26 April 2005 at 5:42 pm  Academia, Funny
Apr 262005

Heh: Grad School Barbie. I particularly liked graduate advisor Ken:

GRADUATE ADVISOR KEN: Barbie’s mentor and advisor in her quest for increased education and decreased self esteem. Grad Advisor Ken ™ comes with a supply of red pens and a permanent frown. Press the button to hear Grad Advisor Ken deliver such wisdom to Barbie as “I need an update on your progress” “I don’t think you’ll be ready to graduate yet” and “This is nowhere near ready for publication.” Buy 3 or more dolls, and you can have Barbie’s Defense Committee! (Palm Pilot and tenure sold separately.)

I don’t have a graduate advisor yet, so perhaps the department will let me choose Ken. At least he could be on my committee.

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