Baby Cora and the Delicious Newspaper

 Posted by on 13 November 2012 at 2:00 pm  Cora Valenzuela, Funny
Nov 132012

Now that Baby Cora Valenzuela has acquired a taste for paper, as seen here:

I think she’d better acquaint herself with the advice on paper given by Honest Toddler, such as this bit on properly enjoying the eating of paper:

There are lots of different varieties of paper to choose from: faxes, construction paper (try red), confetti, toilet….I could go on all day. My personal favorite is receipts. I wouldn’t say they melt in my mouth but sometimes I think about the smooth texture and get a craving. Receipts are also a fantastic weekday dinner option. Many people confuse grocery receipts with ATM receipts; they are actually quite different but that is an advanced lesson and you’re not ready.

A big problem with most foods is that they have flavor. Paper is different because it allows people to focus on the delicious texture of our snack without worrying about tasting anything.


  • Kelly Valenzuela

    Ha! =D

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