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Apr 152005

Over the past school year, I’ve been taking Onkar Ghate’s “The Philosophy of Ayn Rand” course from the Objectivist Academic Center. It has exceeded my wildest hopes and dreams for education in Objectivism. I’ve learned more than I thought possible.

So I’m pleased to pass on this announcement from the Ayn Rand Institute. Note that the application deadline is just three days away. (The announcement sat in my inbox for a few weeks.)

If you know anyone who you think may be interested in becoming a student at the Objectivist Academic Center, or if you know anyone who is “on the fence” about applying, please encourage them to apply.

The application deadline for admission to the OAC’s undergraduate program for the 2005-06 academic year is April 18, 2005. There is a second deadline of August 1, 2005 for applying for the 2005-06 academic year, however, priority is given to the applications we receive by the April deadline.

Information about the OAC is available here. The application form is available here.

I strongly encourage all students with a serious interest in Objectivism to apply. I also strongly encourage regular folks to audit various OAC classes, particularly Onkar Ghate’s “Philosophy of Objectivism” course.

I’ve learned more philosophy in my one year of undergraduate study with Onkar than in my three years of graduate coursework at Boulder. Although the extra work has been a definite burden, I’ve never been blessed with a better education.

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