Sensible Deer

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Apr 072005

I like a great many things about life in Colorado, particularly as opposed to the East Coast where I grew up. I like the friendly and seriously people involved in Front Range Objectivism. I like the relaxed, friendly, and independent culture of the West. I like the big open landscapes. I like the crazy weather. I like the nearby skiing. I like the common “pry my gun from my cold dead hands” attitude. I like living near our good friends Cliff and Alexa Brett and their four fabulous children. (They just moved back to Colorado last week from Los Angeles. Hooray!)

Of course, I do have some complaints. I mourn the lack of Trader Joe’s, the most amazing grocery store ever. (It’s a cheap and delicious gourmet store.) Happily, they are getting closer, as they are now in Santa Fe; it’s only a matter of time before they expand to Denver. I also wish that I could be closer to my parents, but there’s not exactly good sailing in Colorado.

One of my favorite aspects of life in Colorado is rather peculiar: sensible deer. I grew up (mostly) on a farm in Maryland. Driving up the long private road to the house was always a nerve-wracking experience, particularly at night. The white-tail deer would jump out into the road, just in front of the car, without any warning whatsoever. Now in Colorado, I also live in a fairly rural area. However, we have sensible mule deer. When cars pass them on the road, they do turn their heads to look. But they stay put. And so every time I see them placidly gazing at my passing car, I say to myself: Thank goodness for Colorado’s sensible deer!

Really, life is better out west.

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