Apr 022005

The following “Vital Student E-memo” is a stellar example of deliberately vague threats. Honestly, I don’t think that the Godfather could do any better.

TO: All UCB students
SENDER: [email protected]
DATE: 4-1-05
SUBJECT: April 5th Forum Addressing Racial Climate

Dear Fellow Students,

It is time for us to unify and overcome the current, undesirable campus climate. Our accomplishments are being overshadowed because of certain behaviors and incidents on campus. Everyday when we listen, read, and tune into the news, it is clear that we are in a constant struggle to preserve the value of this public institution. We cannot afford to fight, disrespect, and hate amongst ourselves.

Recent incidents of racism on this campus will not be tolerated. As your student leaders and peers, we are truly saddened and disgusted by these cowardly acts. Please know that everything in our power is being done to ensure a zero tolerance policy for people who choose to involve themselves in acts of racism and hate.

We pride ourselves on principles of accessibility and diversity in higher education. It is our priority to protect these principles because we believe that all students deserve a safe and undistracted learning environment.

This coming Tuesday, April 5th at 6:30PM in UMC 235, there will be a forum with our elected state leaders, including Senate President Pro-Tempore Peter Groff, addressing the racial climate on our campus. As students who come to this campus everyday to receive an education, it is critical that we learn where our state officials stand and how they intend to proceed. We strongly encourage everyone to attend.

As always, you – the students – are our primary concern, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your thoughts.


Joseph Neguse
Garrett Stanton
Veronica Crespin
UCSU Tri-Executive

Does anyone care to translate that into comprehensible English?

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