Three Cheers for Capitalism!

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May 292002

Kate and I are headed up to Alameda East today for suture removal. I’m just so relieved that we made it through these 12 days without her ripping out her stitches again.

I’m very pleased with her post-op progress. She is very stable and active on her new artificial hip. Although she is on leash at all times while outside, she no longer just totters outside for a few moments just to go potty. For the past week, she’s been taking short walks with me down to the front gate. And for the past few days, she’s been accompanying Abby and me to the barn to feed the horses. (She gets tied in a corner while I’m working.)

It’s pretty amazing that an ordinary dog could have access to such advanced medical technology. The surgery wasn’t cheap, but I could have afforded it back when I was living frugally on a $35,000 salary in Los Angeles.

Three cheers for capitalism!

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