The True Excitement of 24

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Mar 182005

Paul and I are only on Season 3 of 24, but wowowowow, am I ever excited about this Season 4 episode: Upcoming ’24′ Focuses on Jack Bauer Eating a Sandwich. I mean, wow, this just seems so exciting!

The barely sentient cashier fails to enter Jack’s order correctly, so the sandwich arrives with pickles anyway. He then tells Jack that the Dr. Pepper spout is broken. “Listen to me,” Jack says, grabbing the cashier by the shirt. “I need you to take the pickles off now. There’s no time to explain – you’re going to have to trust me.”

Also, it will be refreshing to see someone visit the restroom for reasons other than making covert telephone calls.

Again, since this blog is supposed to comment on deep and significant issues in philosophy, I should mention that this delightful little satire contains an implicit criticism of naturalism in fiction.

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