The Intellectual Dead End of Postmodernist Academia

 Posted by on 17 March 2005 at 8:58 pm  Academia
Mar 172005

I just read this devastating critique of modern academia. Some excerpts:

While Republicans were commandeering the nation’s political apparatus,” noted historian Richard Wolin, the theorists of a postmodern left, cuckolded by history, were conquering academia. Their victory has come at a high cost. Once a forward-looking hothouse for discussion and debate, academia, taken as a whole, has been increasingly dominated by freeze-dried 1960′s radicals and their intellectual progeny, who have turned much of the humanities and social sciences into a backwater.

It has gotten so bad that philosophers at a prestigious university have asked to be detached from the humanities department because the English and history departments are so mired in subjectivity that faculty members in the same department can barely speak with each other, let alone across disciplines.

When the academic philosophers are disturbed by the horrible methodology and rampant subjectivism of their peers in other departments, it must be getting really bad! Read the whole article — it’s worth it. (Via Rand Simberg.)

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