The Flu, Part Two

 Posted by on 17 March 2005 at 4:53 pm  Uncategorized
Mar 172005

Hooray! Paul is coming home today! He’s been away at a medical conference in Florida since Saturday.

Paul was mildly ill last week. Despite the usual precautions, he was generous enough to pass his illness onto me before he left. (Thank you, my darling husband!)

I started feeling badly on Monday evening. Over the past few days, I’ve mostly been fatigued, with a mild sore throat, a somewhat stuffy nose, and a deep cough. I was feeling substantially worse this morning, but I decided to drive my hour-long commute to Boulder for my classes. (I had scheduled meetings with students about recently-graded papers that I didn’t want to cancel, given that next week is spring break.) That was probably a mistake, as I felt really badly by this afternoon: utterly exhausted, feverish, and so on. It was a long, hard drive home. But life is better now: I’m home, on the sofa, in my pajamas, wrapped in fleece blankets.

Given my symptoms (particularly the fever), I’m now certain that I have the flu… for the second time this year. (And yes, I did get a flu shot.) I’m just thrilled.

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