No Give, No Take

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Mar 082005

Given that we don’t have a true market in organ transplants, this is probably the second best approach – namely the Dutch plan to give priority on organ transplant waiting lists to those people who have also signed organ donor cards (a system which economist Alex Tabarrok calls “no give, no take”). According to the article:

The Liberal VVD minister defended his proposal by pointing out that Muslims often refuse to donate organs based on religious beliefs. This is despite the fact they are willing to receive an organ if they are ill. “That creates a bad feeling,” he said.

“If you say: ‘I refuse to donate an organ because of my religion, but I don’t want to receive one either’, than I will respect it. But I won’t respect a one-sided attitude of receiving and not giving. I find that problematic,” Hoogervorst said.

(Via Marginal Revolution.)

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