I just wanted to remind my local peeps that I’ll be speaking to the Secular Students and Skeptics Society at CU Boulder on Monday evening. Here are the basics:

The Unholy Union of Christianity and Capitalism

For over three decades, conservatives have actively worked to blend free markets with Christian values. The GOP’s ticket this year — Mormon Mitt Romney and Catholic Paul Ryan — is no exception. Yet in fact, Christianity cannot be reconciled with free markets or capitalism. Christian scriptures are explicitly opposed to worldly values like rationality, planning for the future, the accumulation of wealth, and individual rights. This talk will expose the basic ideological contradictions of pro-capitalist Christians, as well as challenge the skeptics and secularists who admire the ethical teachings of Jesus.

Secular Students and Skeptics Society, CU Boulder
University of Colorado at Boulder, Hellems 199
Monday, 22 October 2012, 6:30 pm

Non-students are welcome, so if you’re near Boulder, please join us!

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