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  • Anthony

    What is the Objectivist theory of criminal punishment? Why is it necessary to punish crime?

    • Diana Hsieh

      You might be interested in my graduate paper on punishment:

      • Anthony

        Thank you.

        With all due respect, don’t you beg the question when you require that a proper theory of punishment must punish all and only those who are guilty? Especially with regard to punishing all those who are guilty, those who argue for utilitarian theories of punishment almost always candidly admit that some guilty people should nonetheless not be punished.

        Do you really believe that crime should be punished even if there is no future benefit to be gained by it? I don’t think I can accept that. I might be able to accept that there is always a future benefit to be gained by punishing the guilty. But doesn’t “you should do X” mean “it is in your self-interest to do X” which means “there is a future benefit to doing X”?

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