Bunny Herds Sheep

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Oct 112012

No, really:

I don’t know what’s funnier: that the rabbit thinks that he can herd sheep — or that the sheep obey!

Here’s the backstory from the translated page:

One of the summer’s highlights, for us, usually when we go to a small village in the High Coast. In this small beautiful village living among a couple named Nils-Erik and Gretel. They have a farm with sheep and some chickens. Yes, and the little dwarf bunny Champis course!

Nils-Erik and Gretel have no shepherd, even though they have a fairly large flock of sheep. They do not need either, they’ve Champis! Champis is really their grandchild, Hanna Grönlunds rabbit. Nils-Erik and Greta had repeatedly told us about Champis and how he herded sheep and we thought that we just have to capture on film … Said and done …

… One day last summer we went to the farm, equipped with a video camera, and succeeded where filming this little jolly rabbits ‘in action’ :)) Jeez, what he’s working!

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    It’s Babe the Bunny!

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