Oct 292012

I’m currently in the market for a used car — likely, a Toyota 4Runner. It’s a mid-sized SUV, and I could use something slightly larger than my current Mazda Tribute. It’s more utilitarian than luxury, which is good for a farm gal like me. It’s also the only SUV with a roll-down back window, and that would be hugely useful for the dogs, who are often with me.

While perusing reviews of a local Toyota dealership this weekend, I found this gem:

I went to Groove Toyota to look at the Prius C because I value the environment and want to do my part. As I was sitting there, I witnessed multiple employees throw away plastic bottles in a garbage right next to me. This garbage was already full of plastic bottles and other waste. I was then offered a water bottle. It struck me as odd that a company that touts it is environmentally-conscientious and also locally-owned, would not have a recycling program. Something as simple as recycling would help the Denver and global community and show customers who value the environment (and hence are buying hybrid cars) that they have the same values. This was a major turn off for me and disueded me from purchasing my vehicle there. I will support a company that follows through with its purported values, even down to offering recycling to emplyees and customers for plastic bottles.

Let’s just say that I’m not persuaded to go elsewhere after reading that.

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