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Oct 052012

  • Why You Should Buy Your Little Boy A Princess Costume: I just can’t understand why people freak out so much about gender fluidity in young children. I hate to psychologize, but it seems like insecurity, plus confused homophobia.
  • Meeting A Troll…: The writer doesn’t just meet a troll: he meets his damn scary stalker, who turns out to be someone very unexpected.
  • The Dowry Drama: Robert Garmong — recently interviewed — blogs about his recent experience in which the bride-to-be’s family of his brother-in-law basically demanded a $6000 dowry from him.
  • Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sikh Woman, Get Righteously Schooled: As a friend of mine on Facebook said, “I’m still confused. An asshole on the internet changed their mind… and apologized for being an asshole? I feel like someone knocked on my door and asked me to pet sit their unicorn.”
  • Why Is There A New Cast For Atlas Shrugged Part 2?: David Kelley explains why the parade of incompetence known as the Atlas Shrugged Movie will continue through three full parts, with new actors in even the third part. Well, Ayn Rand has been rolling in her grave quite a bit lately. What’s one more turn?
  • A Trans-Atlantic Trip Turns Kafkaesque: Wow, I just can’t imagine enduring that gracefully.
  • SoloPassion: Islam and women and me: Isn’t it lovely to see comments like the following on a supposedly Objectivist forum? “Women are wired to be sexually aroused by high value, dominant, charismatic men. You let a woman roam around a city full of such men and SHE WILL FUCK some of THEM. That is nature’s way.” And: “Women are the most dangerous animal on this earth. No matter how much I agree with the Objectivist politics, I still fear women’s freedom. Precisely because they are wired to be emotional incubators. And reason is very difficult for them. Bottom line: they are wired to fuck and breed. Yes they provide much of the joy in life. But they also provide most of the danger and misery. So I am mixed emotionally on women’s sexual freedom. I openly admit it.” You know, it’s an honor to be called a “fucking ditz” by such a psychopath.

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