In Wednesday evening’s episode of Philosophy in Action Talk Radio, I’ll discuss the first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. I’ll be silent during the debate itself, but then I’ll comment on what was said — for better or worse — during the commercial breaks. During the debate itself, we’ll have a drinking game in the text chat.

Warning: This broadcast format is experimental, and it might be a total disaster. I make no promises! Also, be sure to show up on time, as otherwise I’ll end up talking over the debate itself.

  • Who: Dr. Diana Hsieh
  • What: Philosophy in Action Talk Radio: The First Presidential Debate
  • When: Wednesday, 3 October 2012, 6 pm PT / 7 pm MT / 8 pm CT / 9 pm ET
  • Where: Philosophy in Action’s Live Studio

What will the two major presidential candidates – Mitt Romney and Barack Obama – have to say about their principles and plans if elected? Listen to philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh comment on the live debate during its commercial breaks – and join the drinking game in the text chat!

To join the live broadcast and its chat, just point your browser to Philosophy in Action’s Live Studio a few minutes before the show is scheduled to start. By listening live, you can call the show with your questions and experiences, as well as post comments and questions in the text chat.

If you miss the live broadcast, you’ll find the audio from the episode posted here: 3 October 2012: The First Presidential Debate.

Philosophy in Action Radio broadcasts every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. For information on upcoming shows and more, visit the Episodes on Tap.

I hope that you join us on Wednesday evening!

  • DougFromOz

    Diana, just trying to imagine what your commentary will be like by the end of the debate if you’re participating in the drinking game as well… “Ah, shcrew the pair of you, wheresh Gary Johnshon!! He’ll wipe the floor wish youse! Paul, put on Shouth Park inshtead!”

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