Easy Sautéed Pineapple

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Oct 062012

A few days ago, I decided to attempt sautéeing pineapple in butter for dessert. Wow, it was delicious! Basically, just slice the pineapple into thin spears — perhaps 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick. Then sautée that in a pan — no need for non-stick — with a good tablespoon of butter. (Here, I’m using pineapple spears from Costco.)

Brown it on both sides. Toward the end of the cooking, if the pan has gotten a bit dark, add some pineapple juice to unstick that yummy fond. Then serve, perhaps with whipped cream or something else delicious. Melted dark chocolate might be quite yummy. If you don’t eat dairy, you could cook it in ghee or coconut oil.

Oh, and in the first picture, you can see that I have some banana in the pan. Alas, that didn’t work out well: banana is delicate enough to require a non-stick pan. It was a bit of a gooey mess, but still delicious!

  • http://nomayo.mu.nu Stephen_Macklin

    This will make a delicious alternative to my favorite of Granny Smith apple slices sautéed in butter with ginger and honey. (Substitute cinnamon for the ginger for a more traditional apple pie flavor.)

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