The Disaster of Mittens

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Sep 262012

As folks know, I’m very ho-hum about this election for reasons that I explained in this radio segment. I despise OBummer and Mittens. In fact, the only thing that irritates me more than those statist jackasses are the blowhards who toss off moral condemnations based on nothing more than a person’s planned vote for president. (Undoubtedly, that is the least significant political action that a person can take all year. No wait, posting rants to Facebook is even less significant.)

Nonetheless, I loosely follow the election news, and I was interested to read this analysis by the insightful Doug Mataconis about the flailing of Mittens’ campaign. After talking about how Ann Romney is upset that conservatives are criticizing the campaign, he writes:

The Romney campaign has been blundering its way through the General Election in a manner that seems rather bizarre given the manner in which they operated during the Republican primaries. Granted, running against Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich is in no way like running against a professional campaign organization like Obama For America, but at least in those days people supportive of Romney’s candidacy could point to a campaign that seemed to be operating the way a campaign that wants to win an election operates. Then, something happened after Romney won the election and, for some reason, the Romney campaign seemed wholly unable to either respond to the Obama campaign’s attacks against it and now seems as gaffe prone [as] Rick Perry was a [year] ago.

Is it really any wonder that some of Romney’s fellow Republicans aren’t very happy with the situation right now? While some of them are no doubt acting out of self-interest (and what’s wrong with that?), there are others who are just clearly frustrated by watching yet another Republican campaign blunder its way through an election.

Since the very outset, this election has been the Republican’s to lose. That’s what they seem to be doing — in their usual style. That doesn’t make me happy. I don’t look forward to another four years of Obama. Even worse, I suspect that the GOP will run an even worse crop of candidates in 2016 — meaning, more theocratic and more statist. That seems impossible, I know, but Republicans are capable of amazing feats of idiocy.

  • Amy Nasir

    Damn it, Diana, why do you have to be so right? ;-) Any thoughts on what to do personally to protect ourselves from the economic collapse?

    • Diana Hsieh

      While I think that we might have some bumps in the road ahead, perhaps another financial crisis or worse depression, I don’t think that economic collapse is in our future.

  • William H Stoddard

    I have to say I’ve been reminded, since the convention, of Ayn Rand’s involvement in the Willkie campaign. Romney seems to think that the best way to win is to avoid portraying himself as in any way an alternative to Obama. Of course, given his past history, he really isn’t much of an alternative to Obama; his strongest argument is along the lines David Friedman quoted from Mr. Dooley: “Give him a chanst; he can’t be worse.”

  • Andrew Baker

    Romney’s numbers are not too surprising seeing as the Republican party seems to be doing everything it can to alienate ‘libertarian’ part of the coalition. They ignored Ron Paul, who despite being very flawed brought interest from young people to the GOP precisely for the free market and anti-statist stances. And if Johnson steals more votes from Mittens well they should realize they can’t win without that ‘libertarian’ part of the GOP coalition.

    How does Mitt not exploit the embassy attacks to gain a few points is a total mystery. That should be a disaster for a sitting administration.

    If the GOP does become more religious, will that make a winning coalition? A very liberal Lutheran pastor friend of mine states church growth has leveled off for most denominations. If that trend is true and holds and how can the GOP survive as the church party?

  • Kevin

    Molly Ball, The Atlantic, March 2012 described the Republican political landscape as pretty much “myopic” and “insular”. I describe the party pretty much the same; doormen for the incoming 2012 mystics. Neither party will recognize the human natural state of rationality (reason and purpose) and will, instead, make all attempts to extinguish it. Perhaps Pon Paul has ignited rationality in younger voters.

    Epistemology=Reason “You, can’t eat your cake and have it too” Ayn Rand

    Kevin Twentynine Palms, CA

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